A Life Full of Statistics

This is a story from a student of mine, I hope it will be inspirational for other students

Why Will My Business Career Will Need to Cross Ways With Statistics? Help!

I genuinely hate Math. I mean it. And I have purposely avoided it every time I could. I really disliked it in high school, when I needed to go in front of the whole class and would feel embarrassed for not even being able to start working on the problems. Still, I was not the only who hated math, but I had this really troublesome relationship with it.
The funny thing is that in spite of all the mental barriers, I would still manage to pull off a B in the class, so my problem was not at the intelligence level, but at a much deep emotional level. Naturally, my obvious choice was going to be to avoid all sorts of math for my professional business, and after high school, I thought that was it, I can choose my destiny, and destiny does not need to have anything to do with math or stats courses.

Businesses and the Entrepreneurial World

I set my eyes on the world of business, as it fit my desire of making a positive change to the world and it allowed me to keep myself at a healthy distance from any math or stats homework problem. Heck, neither Jeff Bezzos nor Mark Zuckerberg needed to use math to construct their online empires, or so I thought. And even if any kind of statistics skill was required, they would hire someone to it for them. So, I headed to my college years with a sensation that the road was going to get less bumpy now.

That was the case until I realized that for my business major I needed to take 2 math classes and 2 stats classes. Really?? I could not believe my eyes when I saw it. It appears that no matter what you do, no matter what career path, orientation, field, you will cross in some way with math and stats. That appears to be the law of the universe, one of those inevitable tenets of society.

Take it as it Comes

After to grieving, I decided that it was not that bad. Not really. In the ended I decided that defeating phobias can only help you. And it is not that I don't dislike math anymore, I do. But I decided that I can use it to my advantage. After some mature thought, I realized that the best business people in the world did defeat lots of hurdles, in many of the cases related with dislike or difficulty with topics like math. I decided that I could not be bound by those kind of limits.

It took a lot of help. It took countless hours at the library. It took the devoted efforts of many of my favorite private stats tutors and online services, who helped me with my homework, clarified my doubts, and ultimately, helped my build my confidence. I really needed a lot of help with my business stats class, but you know what, in the end, it was totally worth it. I know it will make me a better entrepreneur. Ultimately, being an entrepreneur means solving problems that afflict others, so I should start without a doubt solving problems that afflict me.

Statistics is a fantastic science and it is always an adventure
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